Everybody likes magic. Whether it’s the kids or the family, it is entertaining, but as easy it seems, there is a lot that goes in the making of illusion. They make us wonder about things that we thought we knew.

Magic Show

  1. The term “magic” comes from Greek

The etymology is ancient. Magic comes from a Greek word Mageia. The first people believed to perform magic were Greeks and Persians.

  1. Magic is not occult

This is the misconception. Magic is an art that requires a sleight of hand, and a lot of skill. Though many magicians used occult for advertising purposes, that was nothing but false advertisements.

  1. Magic became respectable in the early 18th century

Until the 18th century, magic remained confined to side events, but in the 18th century and began to be performed widely.

  1. The specific magician look is not a random thing

This is one of the most important things in a magician. You would recognize them with their get up. The appearance was created by French magician Alexander Hermann. After that, the audience expected to see the magicians in the same attire.

  1. Magic organizations:

There are organizations that magicians are part of, but they are nothing of the sort that is shown in movies. It is an organization that unites magicians. The oldest organization is the Society of American Magicians. Houdini was also part of it. The International Brotherhood of Magicians is the largest organization as of now.

  1. Professional secrets

There is a lot of magic trick and professional secrets. Initially, these secrets remained confined to the magicians. They feared that once the people know how to do that, there won’t be anything to attract them, but this turned out to be wrong. As long as there is news in the session, the audiencewill love it.

  1. Magic has been used to evangelize

It has been used by St. Don Bosco has used magic in the 19th century to determine children to come back to the school, and attend church.

  1. Online magic exists

This may sound bizarre, but this exists. There are online magic tricks that can be performed without the need of a magician. This can include illusions and card tricks.

  1. Rich magician:

The show business is one of the best as of now, and what can be better than the magic. Popular magicians are very rich. David Copperfield is one such example who has a net worth of $800 million. He has sold more than 33 million tickets so far.

  1. Illusionist:

The tern magician has been becoming old, and most of the artists refer to it as an illusionist. Magic means something supernatural, and you can’t explain.

  1. Classic trick:

Pulling a rabbit out of habit has never been a classic trick, but it was created by a magician to prompt public interest, and capitalize on a woman who claimed she had given birth to rabbits.


  1. Books:

There are a lot of books that are written on the subject.The are sold on specialized stores meant for magical performers.

  1. “hocus pocus” and “abracadabra”?

These two words are the most common phrases repeated in magic. They both have their history. Hocus Pocus was the name of a sorcerer in Norse mythology called Ochus Bochus. Abracadabra was an inscription that people sued to wear on their amulets during the Black plague.

  1. Houdini died on Halloween

The famous magician died on Halloween in 1926. Rumors had that he died of the punch to his abdomen that a student threw at him to check if his claim of withstanding any punch was true.


Magic is fun. Even though you know that it is just an illusion, we are attracted to the things we can’t understand fully, and in magic, everyday there is a new illusion.

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