Mat Franco

Mat Franco and his world of magic have managed to leave people surprised and gasping for breath on many occasions. The different methods and tricks that he employs into his craft are credible and well enough to leave everyone astonished. As his journey has left a lot of tricks, we decided to go back and pick out some of the best ones that are still remembered to this day. So without further ado, here are some of the top magic tricks by Mat Franco.

1. Teleporting Cards

As a winner of the ninth season of “America’s Got Talent,” Franco was able to showcase a beautiful finale. To perform his trick, Franco invited Rosie O’Donnell and Howard Stern and provided them with some cards. To carry forward the trick, Franco asked them both to place a few cards at someplace where he wouldn’t touch it. Significantly they went ahead and did so. Soon after finishing all this, Franco went ahead and did the impossible task of teleporting cards from Rosie to Howard. The magic was powerful enough to convince the audience and leave everyone amazed.

2. Franco Uses Fire

Mat Franco’s gifted fans of “America’s Got Talent” with another sweet episode where he performed an incredible magic trick. To make it even more impressive, the feature began by introducing people to Mat Franco’s grandmother, who he dedicated the trick to. By starting off with spray paint and telling the judges to pick a card, Franco went on to predict the wrong card and leave people puzzled. But all that was only a part of the process because later by using fire, Franco made the right prediction and ended up projecting the same on the big white board.

3. The Card Canon

By introducing us to a new way to shuffle cards, Franco once again left people wondering about his trick and how he managed to pull things off. Apart from helping people choose one card, in particular, Franco performed his new shuffling technique and managed to leave that card on the top of the roof. But that was not the end of the trick as the magician also involved Howard Stern to sign on one of the cards, only to reveal the same though the aspect of magic. Well, what else can you expect from Mat Franco.

4. The Close-up Trick

Not a lot of magicians tend to perform their trick up and close, but Mat Franco is not an ordinary magician. For the close-up trick, Franco decided to go with a story which he began narrating through a deck of cards. Although he shuffled the cards at the beginning, he managed to bring them out at the right time by supporting all that was listed in his story. The speed through which he processed the trick was terrific as people required time to get hold of all that was going on. Towards the end, the trick went on to become another classic by Mat Franco.

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